SWOF_ Scarborough Trivia Questions

1. What’s the name of the park that was built to facilitate public access to the base of the Scarborough Bluffs?
Ans. Bluffer’s park

2. When was the first business category award presented at the Scarborough Walk of Fame induction?
Ans. 2018

3. In which year did two student journalists discover radioactive soil at Mcclure Crescent, Scarborough?
Ans. It was discovered in 1980

4. Where are the four heritage buildings that make up the Scarborough museum?
Ans. Thomson Memorial Park

5. The majority of residents in City of Scarborough Ontario are foreign-born, most of them having immigrated in the last four decades. a large part of the Scarborough’s population is from which continent?
Ans. Asia, with Chinese and South Asian communities making up for more than 41% of the population

6. The Old Finch Avenue Bailey Bridge was built in three days, following which Hurricane?
Ans. Hurricane Hazel

7. Who were the first known European settlers in Scarborough and where were they from?
Ans. David & Mary Thompson were from Scotland

8. Which year did the University of Toronto open its Scarborough campus?
Ans. The year 1964

9. In 1966, Ontario’s first community college opened its doors in Scarborough, which college was this?
Ans. Centennial College

10. Prior to being renamed Scarborough in 1793, what name was the city called? Ans. Glasgow

11. This 2006 Scarborough Walk of Fame Inductee, played 12 seasons in the NBA, and was the second Canadian All-Start in NBA history to accomplish this. Who was this Inductee?
Ans. Jamaal Magloire

12. Scarborough is home to one of six self-directed learning schools in Canada. Which school is it?
Ans. Mary Ward CSS

13. Which film was shot in Scarborough and was the People’s Choice award runner-up at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021?
Ans. Scarborough (2021 film)

14. What was one of Scarborough’s infamous nicknames, referencing its seemingly lack of attractions and distance from downtown Toronto?
Ans. Scarberia

15. In what year did the University of Toronto complete its expansion of the Scarborough Campus?
Ans. 2011

16. In what year was the oldest building in Scarborough built?
Ans. 1795, the Osterhout Log Cabin

17. Who was the last mayor of Scarborough before its incorporation into the City of Toronto?
Ans. Frank Faubert

18. Which River is home to the only suspension bridge in Scarborough built in 1912
Ans. Rouge River

19. What was the original plan for The Scarborough RT
Ans. Streetcars

20. What year was Scarborough reconstituted as a borough?
Ans. 1967

21. What was the Indigenous name in Anishnaabemowin for the Rouge River (meaning”large Creek”)
Ans. “Chi Sippi”

22. In the eighteenth-century Scarborough Bluffs got its name from the Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe’s wife, who, while riding horseback through the bluffs in 1793 was reminded of the cliffs of Scarborough England. What was her name?
Ans. Elizabeth Simcoe

23. Highland Creek Watershed located at Bellamy Road and Lawrence Ave.(60 ft mound), on August 17, 1956 was flattened and soil was removed for what reason
Ans. To build 401

24. One of the earliest ossuary sites, The Tabor Hill Ossuary in Scarborough is home to the First Nations ossuary measuring 50 feet long, seven feet wide, one foot deep contains the remain of 500 ancestral Huron-Wendat members dates back to what century?
Ans. 14th

25. The Scarborough Bluffs created the Toronto Islands when a storm cut off the connection to the mainland in what year?
Ans. 1854

26. How are Colonel Harold Bickford and later Rosa and Spencer Clark associated with the original Guild Inn?Ans. Built by Colonel Bickford 1914 and then owned by at the Clarks as a home for artists and craftsmen.

27. Where was the 2006 inaugural SWOF inductee’s ceremony held and located
Ans. Scarborough Town Centre

28. Pizza Pizza was founded in Scarborough in 1967, the same year the Leafs won the Stanley Cup. Is this true or false
Ans. False. It was founded in Etobicoke

29. Which TTC Line subway service will be further into Scarborough as part of the proposed Scarborough Subway Extension plan?
Ans. TTC’s Line 2 Bloor-Danforth Subway

30. What is the name of the Artist from Scarborough who won a Grammy in 2022 for best melodic rap performance for his featured vocal on Kanye West’s song “Hurricane”?
Ans. The Weeknd, birth name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

31. From A to Z, or Adidas to Zara, Scarborough Town Centre has it all. What is the approximate number of stores in STC?
Ans. 250 stores

32. Which road is believed to be the first official road in Scarborough to be named for a pioneer family, appearing on maps as early as 1850?
Ans. Kennedy Road

33. The Scarborough mall’s Centre Court was renamed Scarborough Walk of Fame Court in what year?
Ans. 2010

34. Which year did McCain foods open their factory in Scarborough?
Ans. 1969

35. Michael Caine won the 1998 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor-Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for which film shot in Scarborough?
Ans. Little Voice

36. Who is Ontario and Scarborough’s first Poet Laureate?
Ans. Randell Adjei

37. What do locals call Scarborough?
Ans. The Scarbz

38. Which month and year did the Scarborough Town Centre unveil its $62 million transformation?
Ans. November, 2010









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